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The "Black Rose" wreck near Paradip is still lying unattended. The sunken ship was yet to be dismantled and it appears that authorities 'lack interest' to remove the wreckage of the ship. As the salvage operation of the wreckage of the ship was still incomplete, it continued to pose the serious danger to the environment and marine species. Besides, the partially-submerged vessel was also posing a threat to shipping operations as there were no proper lighting arrangements near the wreck site. Presently, more than 85 percent of the sunken ship is submerged under water while 15 percent showed above the surface of the sea. Boats returning to the shore during the night were facing problems and already two to four boats have met with the accident at the spot in the past. Though earlier a massive operation was undertaken to prevent oil spill by spending crores, no such concrete measures have been taken towards removal of the wreckage. Recently, a CBI inquiry was ordered following allegations that the vessel was engaged in the illegal transportation of iron-ore and other minerals by forging documents. Besides, an involvement of some high profile politicians from the State is also alleged.

The "Dharma Ferry 2", carrying 668 passengers, ran aground in Ketapang waters, West Kalimantan, on June 6, 2018, at 2 p.m. All passengers were evacuated safely. The ferry had departed from the port of Tanjung Emas Semarang Sukabangun port destined to Pelabuhan Sukabangun Kabupaten Ketapang. During the joint evacuation process, the rescue team conducted security and surveillance so that the passengers, among them 615 people, 45 children and eight toddlers, did not panic during the evacuation. It was carried out using the "Ponton GT 265" which was pulled by a tug, patrol boats and inflatable boats. The "Dharma Ferry 2" got stuck in pos. 01 44 49 8 S - 109 52 21 0 E at low tide. On board were 14 trucks, 28 motorcycles and 13 private cars.

After more than three years of staying in the Chimbote Bay (Ancash), the "Damanzaihao" has left Peru by July 6, 2018, and sailed to Ecuador, after the seizure made by the Specialized Public Prosecutor's Office on Environmental Matters of the Santa Region was made ineffective. The Fifth Preliminary Investigation Court of the Superior Court of Justice of the Santa Region did not confirm the confiscation of the ship. In addition, on June 28 the Second Appeals Chamber of this same court ordered that the seizure of the property be rendered null and void and that it be handed over to the company Sustainable Fishing Resources SAC, the former owner of the ship. At first, the head of the Specialized Environmental Prosecutor's Office of the Santa Region, Mrs. Evelyn Lamadrid Vences, requested to be confirmed the seizure of the vessel for the alleged crime of illegal trafficking of protected aquatic species of flora and fauna. However, the court rejected the request for alleged inconsistencies and lack of motivation in the investigation.

The "Annenkov" suffered cracks in the hull while she was offloading rail cars in Kerch port on July 8, 2018. The hull rifted along all the length of 164 bulkheads, not less than 10 tear holes were found, with ensuing water ingress into the engine room. The ferry’s stern started to submerge, but by pumping out water and sealing of underwater holes the ferry was stabilized.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 14:06

Troubled Bulk carrier in Lake Superior

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The "Algoma Innovator" was troubled in the Lake Superior on June 26, 2018, at 2.40 p.m. The ship was NUC while en route from Thunder Bay to Toledo. The tug "Avenger IV" (IMO: 5401297) headed towards the bulk carrier, which was drifting in northern direction. The ship had sailed from Thunder Bay at 3 a.m. On June 27 both ships were lying in pos. 47° 7.29' N 085° 29.57' W.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 13:58

Ship's turbine exploded off Iceland

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The "Blikur" suffered an explosion of a turbine in the engine room at Sunda­höfn while entering the port of Reykjavik in the afternoon of June 25, 2018. After the explosion occurred, a lot of smoke developed, but no open fire. The ship initially was anchored, and later berthed in port. Some crew members were examined by medics at tje National Hospital for a possible smoke inhalation. The Eimskip Information Officer Ólafur William Hand was sent to Reykjavik on June 26 for further investigations. The ship had sailed from Immingham on June 22.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 13:54

Cruise ship broke off her moorings

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In the early morning of June 27, 2018, the "Le Boreal" broke off her moorings in Leknes port. The rescue boat "Det Norske Veritas" was called in and got the ship back to the dock. The cruise ship had arrived in Leknes on June 26 and was scheduled to leave the dock at 04.00 a.m. At 3.30 a.m. the lifeboat from Ballstad was called. Upon its arrival, the cruise ship was well off the dock with the bow thruster running at full force. The "Det Norske Veritas" was able to push the ship back to its berth just after 4 a.m. It remained on site until the wind has calmed down. The "Le Boreal" had on board 230 passengers and a crew of 136. She finally sailed at 7.30 a.m. and headed to Svolvær and then on to the Troll Fjord and Tromsø.

On June 26 an attempt to salvage the "Thorco Lineage" by the "Bougainville - A 622" of the French Navy was started. In the afternoon, evaluation teams of the salvage company and experts of the Navy confirmed the technical feasibility of the operation that appeared consistent with the weather conditions in the area. They also believed that this operation must be carried out as soon as possible, the structure of the ship risking damage caused by continuous rocking on the coral reef which weakens it. The "Bougainville" arrived on site at 9:30 a.m. A tug which was deployed from San Diego will need 10 days to be there.

The outlook for the global shipping sector for the next 12 months remains stable on the back of expected supply-demand improvements in the dry bulk and container shipping segments and overall sector earnings growth of 4%-5%, according to ratings agency Moody’s.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 06:57

Moody’s Upgrades Royal Caribbean Rating

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Moody’s rating agency has upgraded Royal Caribbean Cruises’ senior unsecured rating to Baa2 from Baa3, and assigned a P-2 rating to the company’s planned USD 1.15 billion commercial paper program.

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