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TOPIC: Have a Taste of the Filipino English-Know Their Vocab

Have a Taste of the Filipino English-Know Their Vocab 23 Feb 2015 11:15 #4399

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• The average Filipino speaks English well, sometimes even sounding like an American (In fact most of them will definitely sing a karaoke like an American, though).
• At times, however, Filipinos speak English with distinct regional accents -- Tagalog, Ilocano, Pampango, Visayan -- depending on what part of the country he comes from.

• Within the English languages are numerous accents and there will be a certain amount of time require for familiarization of the way English is pronounced by Senior officers.
• Don't be too particular about the pronounces "he" or "she" or diction in general. Some dialect's alphabet does not have an "F", and so Filipinos tend to pronounce it as "P". Filipino seamen sometimes misuse their she's and he's because in Filipino language there is no such distinction in gender.
• Filipino English is slightly different from American English or British English. It is based upon the American dialect, but with strong influences of the indigenous languages. Grammar and pronunciation are noticeably affected. Additionally, some words have restricted, specific meanings.
• Following are a few commonly-used words and their meanings.
"Blowout" - a treat or celebration
"Brownout - an electrical power failure
"Colgate" - toothpaste
"Comfort Room" - restroom
"Dear" - expensive
"Dirty Kitchen - second kitchen, usually the maid's kitchen
"Frigidaire - refrigerator
"Xerox" - copier machine, photocopying
"Kodak" - film
"Polaroid" - instant photography
"IBM" - computers
"San Miguel" - beer
"to pass" - to pick up, to stop for, to go by, to pass by
"to get down" - to get out
"to go down" - to get off
"to sleep late" - to stay up late
"dressed for his funeral" - dressed to kill
"to have oiled his officer" - to have buttered his officer up.
"his watch is dead" - his watch has stopped
"open the light" - put on the light
"homely" - to be very much dedicated to one's family.
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