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TOPIC: 7 Things to Remember About the Dietary Diversity of Filipinos

7 Things to Remember About the Dietary Diversity of Filipinos 21 Jan 2015 08:07 #4386

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While sailing and managing a multi-national crew is very tricky specially considering the diversity in the food habits. This Forum is actually a guide to the Crew Managers and the Ship Management Companies around the globe about the things they should remember while managing a Filipino Crew on-board:

• The customary Filipino food consists mainly of rice (plenty of it) meat and/or fish, vegetables and desserts and/or fruits in season.
• The above specially holds true for lunches and dinners. Lunches and dinners normally include at least two dish meals, with vegetables a preferred part of it.
• Breakfast may be in the form of bread (breakfast roll), cheese or butter, slices of ham/bacon and coffee/milk Another variation could be fried rice and dried fish or preserved meat products (sausages, processed meat).
• As a general rule, Filipinos take heavy breakfasts and in-between meals snacks.
• They don't go for table wines but would prefer carbonated soft drinks or a bottle of cold beer.
• Filipino seamen can be very sensitive regarding food being given to them. They can feel and intuit whether they are being cheated with regard to their food allowances or given what is due to them.
• Where a complaint is made regarding the victualing allowance or the quality of the food supplied, immediate attention should be given to such complaint and proper action should be taken.
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