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TOPIC: Unscrupulous Manning Agents Bleeding the Freshers Dry

Unscrupulous Manning Agents Bleeding the Freshers Dry 08 Jul 2014 11:50 #4288

  • Sengupta
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They are Here, they are There and now they are Everywhere! Everyday we at Sailors Club receive hundreds of complaints from fresher mariners all across India and globe, about how they are being asked for heavy service charges from some deceitful agents who are ruining the image of the entire industry. We on our part as a social media for the maritime industry so far have kept an open policy so that various players across the world can participate without making any monetary investment, However, if we find out that our open-door policy is making way for some unscrupulous manning agents, we will take a stand and act now. Given that our resources are very limited we promise you to do as much as we can on our part.

Hence, for that we need the support from the sailors who have suffered from such incidents and also from who who knows people who had suffered. Please feel free to share your thoughts and incidents here in this open forum and we will do the best we can to bring certain degree of justice as far as this case is concerned. You can hide your identity and also can mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We promise always to stand by your side and deliver as much as possible.
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Unscrupulous Manning Agents Bleeding the Freshers Dry 19 Sep 2014 15:37 #4338

  • yogpot
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there are some agents in the market they are spoiling the carrer of deck cadets,os, please be aware of them dont fall in to this agents.for example:
1;star tanker management,pune
2;sai ram marine
3;navigatio ship management
and much more so be aware of this agents,be safe
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Unscrupulous Manning Agents Bleeding the Freshers Dry 20 Sep 2014 07:49 #4339

Thanks friend...tell your friends also to name such rouge crew management companies, who are on hand taking bribe to recruit seafarers are also recruiting on the other hand incompetent guys and thus betraying their principal Ship-Owners at the same time and thus introducing the inefficiencies in the Global Maritime Industry in general.

Moreover, Ship-owners and other principals should be made aware of these companies,who betray there trust that they will bring competent and hardworking men in their ships.
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Unscrupulous Manning Agents Bleeding the Freshers Dry 28 Nov 2014 22:15 #4356


I found a new thug in the Maritime employment market of India,named Capt. Aditya Nikam(his facebook profile is of someone who looks like a trash-picker,though),from some company called RV MARINE, openly telling that he is in cheating business,just making money of his RPSL No.

His facebook profile is below:
I am attaching the photo of screenshot of his advertisement in Facebook
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