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Maritime Files

Nautical Softwares

Downloadable softwares for use of Nautical Departments of Merchant ships.Tribal knowledge of Maritime Industry is collected here.

If you are developing maritime softwares please upload your free versions here.

Copyright laws are applicable here and you can report abuse

After download Unzip the files>>Open the folder >> Click the setup or application files.

ReportMate reads EDI files and presents the info therein in various reports used by Chief Officers on board container ships.
HappyTrimming calculates the final trimming pours in two holds of a bulk carrier.
Find Azimuth angle of Stars by inputing the Time, Longitude & Latitude
Rumb line sailing calculator, Tide calculator for Secondary port, Compass error calculator
Tutorial and Calculator combined in the Excel File.
Calculates rate of turning of a ship in Radians/Minute.
ETA Calculator for a multi-port Voyage.
Excel program to calculate intermediate latitude and longitude between two positions.

A 17 section passage plan workbook on the Excel sheet made by Fleet Management Ltd.

A Generic deck log abstract in Excel.

Need to put data of ship and draughts and the calculator will calculate the visibility from the forward of the ship in the multiples of ship's length | A must for Panama Canal
Golden Bollard 2017


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