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I am chief engineer and also part time administrator of Sailors Club
Five stars beijing
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Saturday, 17 December 2011 11:17
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  • The introduction of autonomous ships, often described as the next step for the maritime industry, is looming as projects have already been launched to make the smart ship concept a reality.
    2 days ago
  • Over a tonne of cocaine was found on board a Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) cargo ship named Agat which was intercepted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by the Portuguese authorities in an operation aimed at curbing illicit drug trafficking by sea.
    3 weeks ago
  • Ten seafarers have been reported missing after the Turkey-flagged general cargo ship Bilal Bal sank some seven nautical miles off the coast of Istanbul.
    3 weeks ago
  • In Zeebrugge, which does 45% of its trade with the UK, there is growing concern about the impact of the worst-case scenario – no deal, and the resumption of WTO
    1 month ago
  • India has dispatched a naval patrol aircraft to Manila to search for sailors of the MV Emerald Star, a cargo ship that sank in the waters to the north-east of the Philippines.
    1 month ago
  • The Hong Kong-registered cargo ship Emerald Star sank some 600 km south of Ishigaki island of Okinawa prefecture early Friday.
    1 month ago
  • The 2010-built ship was sailing some 280 km east of the northern tip of the Philippines when it sent out a distress signal due to rough weather brought by a typhoon in the area. Reports indicate that the remaining crew members were rescued by three nearby vessels.
    1 month ago
  • ANAND VARDHAN TIWARY shared a photo in the Anand Tiwary's Photos album
    1 month ago
    ANAND VARDHAN TIWARY Engine room's "not so" Minions.
    7 months ago
  • MSC Ines containership, owned by Switzerland-based MSC container line, is said to be among the affected vessels as it has drifted into the mouth of the Port of Durban abeam.
    1 month ago
  • Four years since the arrest of the MV Seaman Guard Ohio’s crew, including six British nationals, three Ukrainians, fourteen Estonians as well as twelve Indians, relatives of the Chennai 6 are stepping up the campaign for the release of the British nationals.
    1 month ago
  • Unlike Rolls-Royce’s ships, which will be guided by a captain and crew from a land-based control hub, the Japanese vessels will not be fully unmanned to begin with, according to
    6 months ago
  • (a)

    As been depicted in the diagram when the flow comes below the valve lid, the fluid will lift the lid and pass but when the flow is in reverse direction the lid will sit on the seat and stop the flow.

    On the other hand when the spindle is screwed down the lid will not open in any case. This is what is called SDNR and screw down lift valve.

    b) Quick closing valves are fitted in Lube Oil and Fuel oil lines, generally at the tanks on the lines which take the suction from those tanks. It is used to cut-off the oil flow to those line in case of fire.

    It could be mechanically or pneumatically activated and when activated it shuts the valve. The shutting of the valve is achieved by collapsing the bridge of the valve which has internal threads on which the treaded spindle of the valve move up and down.

    Thus if this internal thread (fitted in the bridge of the valve) itself is brought down it will shut the valve even if it is in open condition.
    6 months ago
  • ANAND VARDHAN TIWARY replied to the topic 'Reversing of Main Engine' in the forum.
    For reversing the Main engine first the engine has to be started in reverse firing order, this is achieved by the changing the cam direction in the mechanical pilot air distributor of the main engine, which is done by the engine's pneumatic system on receiving the appropriate Signal from Engine order telegraph operated from the ship's wheelhouse.

    a) Three methods of reversing the main engine Aftyer the engine is started on air in reverse order as mentioned it can be run on fuel by following either of the three methods as following:-
    1} Reversing the firing order of the fuel pump:- It means the sequence in which the fuel is injected to each unit of the Main engine is reversed by its cam drive (it could have a separate cam for each cylinder for reverse firing order or the cam has special heart shape which when rotates in reverse direction due to running of engine in reverse direction due to air will work for reverse firing order) or electrical signal(as in the modern electronic engines)
    2} Reversing the Actuation of the exhaust valves:- In this method the actuation of the valve opening and closing is reversed, only. This method is old and can run the engine safely in reverse order for small RPMs only.
    3} Reversing the Fuel pump and Exhaust valve actuation: This is the most commonly used system where above mentioned both methods are applied.

    b) The lost motion is the turning of the cam by an angle with respect to the cam shaft (In this there is a small servomotor put inside the cam shaft which shifts the cam in its axis)so that when the cam shaft is rotating in the reverse direction the cams would be pushing the roller of the fuel pumps in different firing order or alternatively both the shapes are forward and reverse directions are combined together to create a heart shaped cam (as shown in the video below)
    6 months ago
  • ANAND VARDHAN TIWARY replied to the topic 'Supercharging and Turbocharging' in the forum.
    a) Supercharging means, increasing the density of the air which is inhaled by the engine. This means more air is taken by the engine and thus more fuel can be burnt inside it, thus producing more power.

    Supercharging can be achieved by putting a separate air compressor which could be electric motor driven or engine driven or it could be driven by any other primemover, which in most cases happen to be Turbine driven which runs by the kinetic energy of the Engine's exhaust gases and is called Turbocharger.

    b) Turbo Charging means charging the compressed gas to the engine by an Exhaust gas turbine driven centrifugal compressor called Turbocharger.

    c) 1.Fouling of the Air cooler:- Difference in the Temperature of cooling water inlet and outlet of the Air cooler, will reduce indicating the fouling of the Air-cooler.

    2. Fouling of air intake filters This will indicated by the fouling of the differential pressure manometer fitted across the Air intake filters of the turbocharger.
    It will also be indicated by decrease in the scavenge pressure at any particular RPM of the ME and increase in the Exhaust temperatures.
    6 months ago
  • 1) Transferring of the Engine command is to be done only after FWE(finished with engine) has been conveyed to Engine room from bridge i.e. the bridge do not require the Main engines any more and the Main engine plant can be shut.

    Second after transferring the control to Engine room, the engines will be lubricated of its liners and engine blown on air, for which the propellor clearance has to be taken while transferring the control.

    2)After cylinder liner lubrication and blowing the engine on air, in order to prepare the main engine for maintenance, depending on the type of maintenance to be done engine's cooling water and/or lubricating oil can be stopped and drained accordingly. For example, if maintenance is just scavenge space cleaning then there is no need of stopping cooling water pump and L.O. Pumps, but say you need to change the fuel injectors you will be required to stop only F.O.Circulating pump but the C.W. & L.O.pump would be running as usual. But if need to do decarbonisation of any unit then you will have to stop all three pumps i.e. L.O,C.W. & F.O. Pumps.

    So it depends on the type and scope of maintenance, you have planned that will decide on the steps you have to take vis-a-vis Main engine.
    6 months ago
  • A new gold rush is targeting rich ores on the ocean floor
    6 months ago
  • Kabir Khadim is the only survivor of cargo ship Jouya 8 , which was targeted off the coast of Hodeidah, Yemen
    6 months ago
  • An amateur historian has unearthed compelling evidence that the first Australian maritime foray into Japanese
    6 months ago
  • Take a tour of 108-meter-long masterpiece that includes a heliport, two pools and a garden
    6 months ago

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