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Maritime Blogs

Blogs by Maritime Community

Admin's Log

This is the official blog of Sailors Club's AdminSailors. Here we publish New Notifications and Results of our surveys, along with the Blogs on topics of common interest of the community written by our core team.

Once a Merchant ship starts a voyage in the seas it is the responsibility of the Master to set her route, often in “consultation” with the Charterer and the Owners/Managers, so that minimum weather adversity is faced enroute (along with other perils and constraints of a sea voyage), thereby ensuring the level of fuel efficiency as desired by the charter party and for the safety of the ship.

However, maintaining a steady route or making last minute adjustments enroute cannot be done effectively without a continuously updating weather reports. It is also true that few of the larger ship management companies do provide daily weather news to their respective ships but the numbers of ships obtaining such facilities are minuscule compared to the entire industry and the total number of ships operating in the oceans.

Hence it becomes very challenging for the masters and other senior officers of the vessels to set a track which can ensure a safe and efficient passage as far as the weather is concerned. In fact studies reveal that the lack of proper weather routing has caused many delays and accidents in the ships thereby hampering the business and putting the lives of the seafarers in stake.

Considering the importance of a proper weather routing system so that the vessels get daily reports about the winds, waves and visibility in the oceans Sailors Club has introduced a Free Weather News to Ships service. Through this service, a Master in the ship can register the vessel’s email id and choose the type of report (e.g. winds, waves, visibility) along with the sea in which the vessel will operate. Depending on these inputs Sailors Club will send the vessels a daily update about the weather conditions that the vessel is likely to face. Now based on the reports, the master of the ship can decide on the route and can take decisions in advance thereby saving the ship and the crew from probable discomfort to crew, damage to his Lady and probable distress.

You can also register your vessel in order to get these updates by filling-up the details here:

In case of further queries please do mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at

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If you are a maritime business owner the entire market is cluttered with obstacles and the chances of visibility are very slim. Yes, there are those long list of directories which lists your business but in them also you are left to the mercy of luck to be picked by a client thereby getting a call. Moreover, as you know, these directories are also mostly not free and so the chances of a potential client obtaining your direct contact number is again left on the mercy of the owner of the directory.

The scenario should have changed with the introduction of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, in larger social media network, though apparently the overall number of members are higher, their relevance to your business is definitely questionable. So automatically you seek for a relevant platforms like a Group or a Page in order to put your advert thereby enhancing your visibility to the potential client. But there also you are left to the mercy of the Group Admin, who can spam your posts or charge you for the same. The scenario in Twitter is even more challenging as there are you are left to the mercy of the people who might follow you and to obtain potential clients from these network is more difficult than it seems. The reality is that posting adverts in these networks is so expensive that they can bleed your business dry in months and there are no guarantee that the expenses will be converted into sales figure in future.

Thus the entire scenario cringes the chances for the maritime business owners to obtain the visibility they always desired. It can be safely said that without proper support and a relevant network the entire concept of social networking is quite insignificant for the maritime business. That is the reason Sailors Club came into existence to provide the maritime businesses with the platform so that they can connect and promote their services and products in a hassle free environment. Membership in this network is Free and any maritime business owner starting from ship chandler, crew manager, ship surveyors to P&I Insurance brokers can come and post their requirements for Free as many times as they want and also get connected to as many members as they wish. Hence by policy and design Sailors Club allows you to make multiple postings and connections without charging a single penny from the maritime business owners. Moreover, Sailors Club also helps business owners in person, with their personalized Brand Building Packages the administrators of the site will guide to an affordable solution which will help you get more connections. Starting from providing you with directories, mass mailing your potential clients with your press releases to sending your adverts directly to the ships- Sailors Club has all the solutions a maritime business owner has been looking for. It’s about time maritime businesses stop living on the mercy of others and get a fair social networking platform from where they can obtain relevant connections.

*To know more about Sailors Club’s services please mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our site

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The competition in the Maritime Industry is very severe and it is a challenge for any Maritime Organizations to maintain its brand value in this fluctuating market. While many try to invest thousands of dollars in advertisements others try to create a presence in the common social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter to get the attention of the prospective clients. However, as Sailors Club promises to introduce a single platform for all the maritime organizations these are things you can do here

  1. Update logo of your company as it will get visible to the all the other members of the site and will provide a professional look to your profile. (Free)
  2. Share your publications, pictures and videos in the Sailors Club to initiate your promotion. ( Free)
  3. Get a separate channel/page (on request to the admin) where you can share the updates of the company, periodically, as a part of the promotion as it will eventually get shared in other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Free)
  4. Publish your Press Releases/Promotions by directly logging in your account or by sending us with authorization at our mail id This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Free)
  5. Search for clients using keywords like ‘ship owners’, ‘ship managers’ etc (according to your preference) in the search box and send them friend request or private message directly. (Free)
  6. Avail our paid PR package and get your advertisement Featured on every Page of Sailors Club including the Home page, the popular ‘Jobs’ section, “Blogs” and all other sections in the site with a direct link to your webpage. (With more than 1000 maritime visitors per day, this plan will help your brand get the visibility it looks for). (Paid)
  7. Once you avail our PR package we will circulate the news of your company updates with pictures in an extensive list of maritime groups and pages in other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Paid)
  8. Taking the paid PR package program will also help you get our professional help in managing your Facebook page and Twitter handle. (Paid)
  9. On request we will help you with list and directories of maritime professionals (registered with us) from the Sailors Club and provide support to help you get connected with them, from our end. (Paid)
  10. You can become the sponsor of our “Daily National Free News” service which we send to over 100 ships spread across the globe. (Paid)

Most of the items in the list are available for free for every member in the Sailors Club while there are few which can be availed through a customized paid package in the network. We boast a daily average traffic of more than 1000 people related to the industry and over 90, 0000 page views per month (supported by Google Analytics). So we feel that you are in the right place at this moment and it is about time you start participating. You can check out the detals of our PR package program here:  (but do remmember that the rates mentioned here are not rigid but totally negotiable and customizable as far as the demands of the client)

In case you want to know details of any of our services please feel free to drop a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Posted by on in Admin's Log

Beyond all the hypes of high salaries and long vacations the reality of a seafarer’s life is something needing much attention. While the Human Resource Departments of the big Multinational Organizations are searching for more ways in order to maintain the much desired work-life balance of their employees, the quality of the work-life of a seafarer continues to remain in troubled water. As a recent survey by Sailors Club ( reveals that a majority of seafarers suffer from social isolation while onboard it is high time we find out ways to make the situation better by some reasonable extent.

The long and tiresome exposure to the sea often creates certain stagnancy which the seafarers try to break. But what are the ways? The supply of movies, books, magazines dries up after a while and the accessibility to the internet is still a fairy tale for most of the ships. Hence, the mails from the ship management companies are the only source of information and rather connection to the world outside the sea. But the mails from the ship management companies are mostly instructions and commands given with specific purposes. Though few managers provide daily national news to their ships but their number is very less compared to large number of vessels operating in the deep oceans.

On the other hand we also cannot actually fully blame the attitude of the Ship Management companies, as the tough competition has squeezed their resources and ever evolving Maritime conventions is making their survival increasingly difficult.

Then there are conventions like MLC 2006 which has only worsen the situation by increasing the paper works for onboard seafarers, instead of actually improving that, as been stated in the Preamble of the much hyped convention.

For that reason Sailors Club has taken the initiative to deliver Free National News to the Ships as aid to the Seafarers to break their monotonous days in the Seas. It should be recognized that a National news is not just a piece of information which fly away in the daily life of a land-lubber in the era of 24 hour News Channel and Social media on their Smartphones but rather it provides new avenues of discussions and debates among the crew mates to break the monotony of the Seafaring life.

By now Sailors Club send Free National News to just more than 100 ships covering news from the countries like India, Philippines, China, Greece, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and Pakistan for now and will add more on request. You can also register your ship’s email id with us by simply clicking this link and fill the details:

Please let us know about your feedback regarding this initiative taken by Sailors Club and what would be your suggestions and opinions about the ways to help the souls in the sea.

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Two weeks ago Sailors Club initiated a small survey in order to understand the complex emotional challenges that a seafarer normally undergoes. The aim of the survey was to explore the pattern in which the seafarers perceive the issues like social isolation, separation anxiety from family and trust issues with the partner among many other factors. Now that we have gathered more than 100 responses from seafarers spread across the globe, we are providing you with the snapshot of the results we have obtained till now.

After asking the sailors about the type of ship they normally prefer to sail and their respective sailing period, we wanted to know the time period for which they take a leave:





Contrary to the normal land-lubbers’ belief that every sailor enjoys a 6 month vacation the survey statistics reveal that almost 60% of the seafarers prefer to stay in land for even less than four months. According to the survey, less than 10% of the sailors prefers more than 6 months leave.

So does it proves that a sailor loves to sail more than staying back home? Well that only a sailor can say.

After evaluating the normal leave pattern we tried to understand their current relationship status in order to determine the regular family structure of our maritime respondents.




The results of this question created two extreme poles- On the one side we have a 50.52% response claiming that they are married individuals while on the other hand we have gathered a 42.27% respondents who never married.

Now in order to understand the social dynamics of the wife/partner of the seafarers we asked them whether their wife/partners are employed or not? Look at the graph below to the view the responses:




More than 60% of the sailors claim that their wives/partners are unemployed thereby stressing on the fact that the long stretched absence of the seafarers from their family lives actually provokes their partners to compensate and spend more time at home.

Next we asked about the longevity of their relationships when again contrary of the common belief pertaining to the unfaithfulness of the sailors, the survey reveals that there are couples in this community who have stayed together for more than 35 years. Look at the survey results:




After accumulating the responses pertaining to their basic family structure and wife/partner’s occupation, we tried to dig deep into the complex emotional issues the seafarers face. So in this regard we asked them whether they feel socially isolated while sailing.





While more than 35% of the respondents claim that they suffer from social isolation more than 45% assures that they are now used to this situation. However, it can be a compromise and understanding that they have agreed upon.

In the next level we asked that how much control a seafarer assumes on his family and household matters and this is the response chart:




Humble and honest seamen confessed that their partners and they themselves share the load of the household matters and that might cause the extent of social isolation and emotional crisis while they are sailing.

Thus in the next level we asked about the major problems associated with the professional life of a seafarer where we found the below responses:




“Social Isolation” is the main concern it appears closely followed by the factor called “Lack of professional identity while on leave” This might be a serious problem on which further research can be conducted.

The final question was regarding the concerns they have about their wives/partners while sailing. The answers reveal that the seafarers are more concerned about the general health and wellness of their wives/partners more than the trust issue:





This interesting survey is still open for the seafarers. You can give in your views by following this link:



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