Frequently Asked Question

How to hangout with friends, on board
  1. Look at the Chat bar at the bottom of the website
  2. In the right end ,Click"Who's Online"
  3. You can click the name of your friend and start chatting with him.
  4. In the chat box you can,share the files on your computers,Play games with your friend,Video chat,share your computer screen ,make a collaborative document and even chat in your native language
  5. If you are in group you can create a chat room.
  6. On the left side of Chat bar,Click"Chat room"
  7. Then click "Create chatroom"
  8. Give a name to chat room and invite your friend.
  9. You can do all the stuff together,like  share the files on your computers,Play gameswith your friend,Group Video chat,share your computer screen ,make a collaborative document and even chat in your native languages,all in a group.                                     .