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Prudence, the Ship Management companies should adopt in these difficult times
The current times in the Maritime Industry feels like doomsday. Freights are very low (except for th...
How good are Crew Entertainment Services on-board?
Tell us what you think about Crew Entertainment Services and win an Apple iWatch How good were the ...
Cybersecurity On Ships: New Guidelines
Companies are becoming increasingly alive to the importance of cyber-security and the need to protec...
Ghost Merchant Ships of the Future
MILITARY drones already fly frequent missions and civilian operations using unmanned aircraft are co...
How the ship brokers can cover their liabilities from unforeseen claims & avoid mistakes
This blog is written with the good intention to help the Maritime Professionals, who are engaged in ...
Shipwrecks: A Mammoth Collection of Shipwrecks
“Worse things have happened at sea” was a well-known phrase which was offered as a form of consolati...
Ship's Structural Failure (Marine Engineering)
Ship hull form and geometry (Marine Engineering)
STABILITY OF A VESSEL (Marine Engineering)
Welding in Shipbuilding (Marine Engineering)
SHIP STRUCTURES (Marine Engineering)
Ship Survey (Marine Engineering)
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