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civilwar black sailors sm1
The Saga of Eighteenth Century Slave African Sailors, onboard Portuguese Ships
  In recent decades, studies on maritime history and the role of sailors have expandeddramat...
How the Oil replaced the Coal as Fuel for Warships - A Tryst with War & Maritime History
Now there are numerous discussions, abounding about the future maritime fuel after the Oil, which ev...
Financial and Legal implications of putting Armed guards on-board merchant ships
This blog will discuss the issue of armed guards on board Merchant vessels and will start with an ov...
How Should Deck Cadets and Junior Engineers Tackle Unemployment?
How Should Deck Cadets and Junior Engineers Tackle Unemployment? The contemporary state of affairs ...
Health consequences on Seafarers owing to Maritime Piracy and few measures to overcome the crisis
Piracy has been threatening international sea trade and creating risk for crews and passengers w...
survey 21
Are Seafarers Really Happy-A Survey Conducted by Sailors Club
Every profession has its downside but sailors are perhaps the most talked about group. Sailors Club ...
Ship hull form and geometry (Marine Engineering)
Ship's Structural Failure (Marine Engineering)
Welding in Shipbuilding (Marine Engineering)
STABILITY OF A VESSEL (Marine Engineering)
Ship Survey (Marine Engineering)
SHIP STRUCTURES (Marine Engineering)
Photo Carnival
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