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Sailors Pick: 6 Ports You Must Visit as a Sailor
Seafarers are nomadic beings! The waves of the sea takes you to unknown destinations which you might...
Sailors Pick: 5 Reasons why they chose to be a Seafarer
Sea life is challenging and it takes Real Guts to live a Life of a Seaman! A Seaman sees the whole w...
sea current
Effects of Sea-Currents on ship and its Considerations during berthing
Current and its effect A feature of any river berth is the current. It is common for a river berth ...
Guideline for Onboard Maintenance of Mooring Lines
1. Storage of mooring lines While under navigation, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage exposed r...
2015 Adventure Race to Support Mariners
SCI announces the opening of registration for the SCI Mountain Challenge: a test of endurance inspir...
ship factors
    Handling characteristics will vary from ship type to ship type and from ship to sh...
Ship hull form and geometry (Marine Engineering)
Ship's Structural Failure (Marine Engineering)
Ship Survey (Marine Engineering)
STABILITY OF A VESSEL (Marine Engineering)
Welding in Shipbuilding (Marine Engineering)
SHIP STRUCTURES (Marine Engineering)
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