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List of Courses offered

Pre Sea Training For Deck Cadet (Leads to B.S.C Nautical Science – IGNOU) – 1 YearBook Now
B.Sc.Maritime Science - 3 YearsBook Now
Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering (PGDME) for B.E./Tech.(Mechanical)Book Now
Personal Survival Techniques (PST)Book Now
Elementary First Aid (EFA)Book Now
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF)Book Now
Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR)Book Now
Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB)Book Now
Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)Book Now
GMDSS CourseBook Now
Automatic Radar Platting Aids (ARPA)Book Now
Radar Observer Simulator Course (ROSC)Radar Observer Simulator Course (ROSC)Book Now
Training for Trainers & Assessors (TOTA)Book Now

Institute Profile and Facilities

Profile of Institute

The govt. owned BMA bears 5 decades' long reputation of producing professionally skilled environmentally aware, prudent & polite marine cadets. It grooms the young cadets (after schooling of 12 years with HSC (A level) through a regimental and residential education and training programme with English as the working language, in accordance with the competence standards (Nautical Science And Marine Engineering) as required by the IMO STCW Convention. Our cadets our smart, alert and lively at all times; ready to receive any responsibility anytime on board. Particularly they are good in Mathematics & English and polite in behaviour with strong leadership capabilities.
BMA is a 'Branch' (One of the 14) of World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden since 1990. Bangladesh is in the IMO's White List in 2000. BMA has professional links with IMO, ILO, ITF, ISF, IMarEST, NI, GlobaIMET, Intermanager, Australian Maritime College, Dalian Maritime University (China), Vietnam Maritime University, Singapore Maritime University and so on.
Since establishment in 1962 we have produced nearly 3,500 smart, skilled and disciplined Cadets for national and international fleet. Our current yearly enrollment is 300 Cadets that are selected from around 6000 applicants. Any world leading management Company may spontaneously consider our Graduate's smart and skilled professionalism. In the same period we also have provided Professional CoC / Ancillary Courses to around 30, 000 participants.

Facility of Institute

Presently there are two types of SIMULATORS-

1. Electrical Lab,
2. Mechanical Lab,
3. Physics Lab,
4. Computer Lab.

1. The Bangladesh Marine Academy Library is well neat and tidy Library in terms of books and news papers periodical and other audio visual material.
2. The library has over 15,000 books including text books.
3. The news papers and magazines are also the main attraction for the cadets and as well as staff and officers.
4. The academy also subscribe the Magazines like Newsweek, Times, Reader's Digest. The Library has professional magazines like MAB, Safety Digest, IMO News, IMO Bulletin, Ocean Voice, Marine Scientist, Hydro, Journals Of Marine Designs And Operations, Shipping World And Shipping Builders, MER, Transport International, Discovery, Seafarer's Bulletin, Port, World Maritimr University Hand Book, Off Shore Technology, Seaways, Carrier At Sea, Computer World, etc.
5. The library is comprising on different portion, such as, Nautical Engineering, Academic and as well as general books. It has also a reference section.
6. The library has a cataloguing system too.
7. The cadets have very much interest in library, they have a library period in everyday.
8. The issuance of books, other materials to cadets, officers and other staff members are very regularly.
9. The library has provided rare books Such as IMO Publication, IMO Model Courses etc. to the instructors and the officers.
The library will be developed as Online Library Management System in future.


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Address & Location

Bangladesh Marine Academy

Chittagong- 4206,
Phone - +88 031 2514151-6
Fax - +88 031 2514160



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