Claim The Golden Bollard With "Blog Fair De Maritimo"

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Ahoy Maritime Community,

Summon your writing spirits and tell us the stories of your past voyages! your Blog Contest- Blog fair de Maritimo is 'On' again with more prizes to be won this time. We are not only putting the "Golden Bollard" on line but also other runners-ups will receive memorabilia worth $500 USD, of Nautical design.

Sounds Familiar? Well hold on for a second...irrespective of what the name suggests, this time the contest is not only concentrated on Blogs alone, but instead we are introducing other categories like pictures, videos, forum topics and status message.

That means you can either write us a blog, or post pictures with taglines, start a new topic in the forum or you can simply update your status in Sailors Club. Everything will Count!

So stop hesitating and start posting whatever you want to share and the results of the contest will be out by the end of October, 2014. So please sharpen your creative pencils and start scribbling on Sailors Club. You can also send your entries by sending us mails at

 Blog Fair De Maritimo Competition Updtate as on 8th August 2014.

The competition that started last year is now gaining a definitive shape. Now many seafarers along with organizations are sending their entries and we are really overwhelmed. Now the big question is how to decide on the winner of the contest. Considering the fact that everyone is sending quality entries it is indeed a challenge for us to narrow down on one particular winner for the blog contest.

Till now We have pointed out Final Finalist for theAward and Depending on their activity we will announce the final results:

1) Mac Eden Ellaga (Our Enthusiatic Representative from Philippines)

2) Dave Daniel of Marsec Union

3) John

4) Yogesh Bahadur the Good Old Scribbling Mariner

5) Dilipan Thomas



The winners would be declared on the 30th October,2014


golden bollard 2

Material of Sculpture

Gold plated Brass, Dimension 6x3x3 inches


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Chief Officer
I am Israr Uddin and from pakistan. My current rank is Chief Officer. I have sailed with multinational crew.
b-108 blk 5, gulshaneiqbal
Chief Officer
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Saturday, 20 July 2013 22:29
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1 year ago
  • ANAND VARDHAN TIWARY and ISRAR UDDIN are now friends
    1 year ago
  • A Seaman's life is a hard and sometimes lonely life, without family and far from friends. A long way from home doing job to earn money so He can support family. Not in every port 'll find a phonebooth to call our relatives, wife and children but fortunately nowadays there are mobile phones! However, if we are out of simcard-credit it's hard to get an up-grade because most ships stay ashore for just a few hours, so no way we can go shopping. It's a tough life and not without danger; all seamen need to have good education and they need to have a lot of knowledge about their ship before they can come onboard. Don't even think they are just sailing a ship, maintenance is also a big part of being a seaman. Most seamen I speak stay 6 or 9 months on one vessel, depending their contract. Some stay just 2 and in extreme cases even 18 months. It is a tough life but also social job. In my opinion they sacrifice themselfs to support their families who are a long way from where they work.

    But life is different on Board now and Internet also Available to find someone can take care Us..HHHHH
    1 year ago
    ANAND VARDHAN TIWARY Very true Mr. issar uddin...The internet availability on board in the port is a blessing-equivalent for us and free Wi-fi in the ports are a distant dream. Some day back in this network we had a discussion started by ITF for the Wi-fi availability in ports,, I never saw free Wi-fi in any port of the world rather even paid WI-fi.Money earned by us is very hard earned money which ironically others and even our families do not understand..With the new MLC we can hope to have a better welfare schemes onboard..
    1 year ago
  • ISRAR UDDIN and Deleted user. are now friends
    1 year ago
  • ISRAR UDDIN shared a photo in the ISRAR UDDIN's Photos album
    1 year ago
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